We are vibrant! We are creative! We are live art! Our products are wearable, decorative and functional. Miami Mün Räy’s Inc. is an innovative company that strives to satisfy each individual customer. Each one of our products are made just for you. All of our products are hand painted, better known as original works of art by Mün Räys. Our items are not reproducible. You do not have to be concerned about anyone else rocking or copping your style. We truly stand by our motto “All of our products are one of a kind.” Stand Out!


Featured items hand picked by our top designer


Are you classy? Are you going for an elegant look? Do you want heads to turn as you grace the floors of ballrooms, exclusive dining areas, country clubs, yachts and any other upscale venue? If you answered “yes”, Mün Räys have a solution just for you. Purchase our clear lenses with exotic yet tasteful designed frames for you to wear indoors. If you are outdoors, we have a touch of class line that captures the sun and brightens everyone’s day. You will definitely be in the spotlight throughout the entire event, as your style would embrace the epitome of elegance.


Are you hip? Are you fly? Are you creative? Are you jazzy? Do you like to stand out? Are you beyond cool? If you answered “yes”, please know that Mün Räys have the look just for you. So many people will flock around you wanting your autograph. Fans will stand in line just to take a picture with you. You can rock clear lenses, colorful lenses and tinted lenses with the freshest frames. Mün Rüys will bring the inner you out even more and compliment your ensemble.